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A Different Kind Of Collection Service

Alliance Collection Service collects receivables for our customers through time tested strategies that make the consumers feel respected and honored in the collection process. One of the most important things a person owns is a good name; a positive reputation. For your organization it’s a positive public image and good public relations.   A good name, a positive image and strong public relations are hard earned, but are very fragile.  Each requires care and attention.  Each can be damaged or destroyed all too easily.  It requires a different kind of collection service to convert your accounts receivables into cash without damaging or destroying your good name, your positive public image or presenting you with a public relations problem.

Alliance Collection Service is a multiple award winning agency that increases your cash flow and accelerates recovery of your past due accounts using respect & dignity with consumers. We are honored to have been chosen as “Best Places to Work in Collections” five years in a row, are BBB rated “A+” and are recognized as an  “Industry Changer” nationally.  The President has over 25 years in the accounts receivable field and served as managing partner over ACS since 1995.  The Sales Manager has 20 plus years in the collection industry.

Our recovery rates are higher because we understand “why” people pay. Using advanced analytics , ethical campaigns, being respectful and knowledgeable of our clients and consumers challenges, and insisting on the highest possible professionalism from our certified account representatives, ACS provides a very successful recovery strategy for you, the client.

Every company develops a business philosophy, which drives its decision-making and internal culture.  Sometimes this philosophy is a conscious decision, other times it flows from the personality of the owners or management.  ACS is an organization whose values are based on Biblical principles.  The President of Alliance Collection Service, Inc. started the company because he did not like or approve of the methods he observed being used in some companies in the collection industry.  The founding philosophy of ACS is based on the Golden Rule.  Accounts receivable management is a people and relationship business, from the consumer to the agency representative, to management, and support staff, to the client.  A debt is financial obligation that must be met. ACS is  here to enforce that obligation with dignity, and respect for the consumer and for the client.

ACS provides our clients with a wide range of value-added services from accounts receivable, easy account placement, trending studies and updated debtor information to onsite assessments. ACS has the technology needed to service your accounts.  ACS is a different kind of accounts receivable management service.

Our Awards

  • Alliance Collection Service, Inc. is an award winning agency.
  • President awarded “Top Gun Award” as an industry changer in 2005 out of 10,000 nominees worldwide.
  • Selected by Best Companies Group & Inside ARM as “Best Places to Work in Collections” 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016.
  • Selected by Mississippi Business Journal in small business category as a “Best Places to Work in Mississippi”.

Active member of:

  • Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Medical Group Management Association
  • American Collectors Association International
  • Alabama Propane Gas Association
  • Numerous charities including “The Shepherd’s Hands” charity, supporting women and children at risk in North Mississippi.

Chosen as one of the “Best Places to Work in Mississippi” by the Mississippi Business Journal

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