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Quotes & References

Additional references details available upon request.

“We have used other agencies in the past and all of them offer the same basic service, promising big results and great customer service but over time we found that they tended to all be alike.  Alliance Collection Service keeps their promises.  They deliver big in every way from personal customer service, to outstanding collections and recovery.”   Orthopaedics

“The return rate on accounts placed with Alliance has been well above average and we find that if a problem or issue arises, Alliance’s management is always there to assist.  They take each problem very seriously and work hard to implement new programs for increasing cash flow.”  Ear, Nose & Throat / Primary Care

“What I appreciate most about Alliance is their willingness to send an account back to me “no questions asked”.  I have developed a level of trust and mutual respect with the management of Alliance Collections which facilitates this good working relationship.  In the beginning, Alliance actually helped me better understand how to evaluate the success of a collection agency and I have appreciated their honesty in reporting ever since.”   Multi-Specialty Clinic System

“Our practice has worked with Alliance since 1997 and we continue this relationship based on the quality, service, and performance we experience year after year.  The staff at Alliance is professional, courteous, but firm collectors.  Our collection recoveries improve each year and I will not hesitate to place further accounts with Alliance as needed in the future.”  Anesthesia Group

“We have been happy with Alliance’s service and found them to be both professional and friendly.  Alliance has a very helpful staff that is always willing and able to answer any questions that may arise from accounts that have been placed with their agency.  The Client Services Department is always available and their reports are clear and easily understood.”  Bone & Joint Clinic

CONSUMER REFERENCE LETTER – CLICK HERE  (Consumer contacted by Alliance)