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//Why Choose Alliance Collection Service
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In the United States over 4500 collection agencies utilize the same tools to collect past due accounts for many industries.  Health care, communications, petroleum, banking, and many other industries depend on the collection industry to capture lost billions of dollars every year.

Agencies generally use the same tools; letters, telephone calls, credit reporting, and judgements to collect past due accounts; however, the way those tools are used is critical to your good reputation.  Only Alliance Collection Service, Inc. provides you with flexible, cost effective services to recover your accounts receivables while protecting your good name.  We do this by treating consumers with respect and dignity instead of using rude or abusive collection techniques.  You maintain control of the revenue cycle as a result of our transparency and quality control measures.

In a tough economy a company’s past due balances can becomes critical cash.  Capture more of that cash, protect your good reputation, and increase productivity and efficiency in your business office.  There is no need to end up on the evening news due to sloppy collection agency tactics.

Compliance has become more critical by the day and the future holds the promise of even more government regulation and  tougher penalties for non-compliance.  As a member of the American Collector’s Association International and through our relationships with multiple national and state level associations, Alliance strives to keep our clients informed and educated on important rules and regulations.