Smell This

    In my last story I noted how I wondered where my children may have gotten their thirst for mischief.  Maybe I can shed some light on the subject.   One day a few years ago I gave in to the idea from my dear wife to go to the mall.  We had walked [...]

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Pajamas & Posies

My wife and I have developed a sort of "habit" on Sunday mornings before church.  Our service starts at around 11:00 am, which means we have plenty of time to sit out on the front porch and drink coffee and enjoy the morning, if we get up like we should.   A few Sunday's ago, [...]

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Moles Are The Devil!

Moles Are The Devil! That’s my position.  I have lost more hair over the past six weeks than all the rest of my life combined over a little demon of a critter that won’t leave.  I am at the point where I am going to have to resort to leaving him some cash in his [...]

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