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Alliance Collection Services Inc.’s  Legal Department handles accounts once they have been thoroughly worked by our Accounts Receivable Departments and all efforts to get the consumer to pay by conventional means are exhausted.  Once the account is in our office, we attempt to determine the employment status of the consumer and their “ability to pay”, research each account individually and after receiving written permission to sue from you, we have our network of attorneys proceed with legal action against that consumer as necessary and feasible.

We feel that it is very important to break away from many of our competitors in the area of research.  Where some other agencies have a form letter that they automatically send to each consumer, we take the time to research each account in great detail.  This prevents many mistakes and keeps you out of court with your customer/consumer.  This is just one more way we here at Alliance Collection Service strive to insure that you get zero “real” complaints while we perform above and beyond what others may do for you.

In addition to this, there are no “up front fees” for this service.  We pay all costs in advance of the legal proceedings.


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act):

2009 Changes to HIPAA:  There are significant changes to the HIPAA guidelines in HR-1 which became law April 17, 2009.  Business Associate requirements have changed to increase the responsibility of business associates and the penalties have been raised.  In addition, the Secretary of HHS has been given authority to conduct more audits at every level.

The most current version of the bill for your review:  HR 1 – The 2009 Bill (Source:

FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act): FDCPA in PDF

Link to FDCPA through

FCRA pdf

CFPA 2010

Consumer Financial Protection Act 2010 (PDF 848 pages)

RAC Information