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At Alliance Collection Services Inc., we utilize many tools to recover past due balances from consumers that are often less than willing to pay a past due balance.  Here are a few areas that may be of interest to you.  These are general tools but we can provide you with a more detailed listing if you like.  Just contact us for more information.

  • High speed data processing
  • Advanced data analytics and encryption for your security and the security of your debtors
  • Professional, experienced skip tracers
  • Online access at each station for cross referencing and accurate phone searches
  • Professional legal services
  • Data conversion for ease of account placement
  • Professional affiliations to include the American Collector Association International
  • Credit scoring to speed up collection on your accounts
  • Predictive dialer services that increase productivity
  • Credit reporting on a national scale

Credit Account Scoring

ACSI uses an outside scoring company to score accounts.  This program looks at several factors to score an account and place them into a priority according to collectability and the consumer’s ability to pay.  This allows us to work the most collectable accounts faster and put cash into your hands quicker.  All accounts are worked according to flowchart processes to insure a complete accounts receivable recovery process.

Predictive Dialers

Dialers have been around for some time.  ACSI uses the most advanced dialing system available which allows us to select the accounts that can be recovered most effectively using the dialer.  This increases the number of contact attempts on your accounts and increases the effectiveness of our professional account representatives.

Downloads Available:

Payment Program Documents:

Sample Patient Financial Responsibility Wording

“I agree to pay XX.XX% of the unpaid balance for collection costs, or alternatively the maximum lawful fee, at such time my account is placed with a collection agency. I further understand that in the event the account is referred to an attorney for collection, I agree to be liable for such additional reasonable court costs and attorney’s fees as may be determined by a court.”