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At Alliance, we realize that some companies only need to place an account for collection every now and then.  It seems unfair to charge you for multiple accounts up front when you only need to place one account, so we created the Alliance Collection Express Service or “ACES” with multiple options for your convenience.

Our ACES program allows you to choose how much you pay to have your account worked and do so only when you really need it.  There are no minimums and no maximums.  Simply fill out the agreement and placement form for each account, select the service you would like, enclose a check for the service and mail it to us, or you can complete all of these online.  WE DO THE REST!

When the past due account is recovered you get it all.  No commission, no hidden fees, no hassles.

ACES lets you control your accounts receivables and is a great tool for your business office when they are trying to recover your money in-house.

** NOTICE:   ACES prepaid service available ONLY in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, California, Montana, and Vermont.

** ACES services do not include skip tracing, legal services, or 24/7 access.  **