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My company was started in 1995. I was broke, had two children and if I knew the challenges that would await me after starting Alliance, I may never have.  I guess ignorance is bliss.

Up until the startup of Alliance, I had worked in the collections industry and advanced but I did not like the way employees and consumers were treated and I thought I had a better way.

Alliance’s first office was in New Albany, Miss., an hour’s drive from my home. I was a one man show.

I had no computers. I drove a 1982 Buick Riviera (with a broken fuel gauge). I was earning about minimum wage.  I could not handle the workload and could not afford to hire anyone so I brought the work home and stayed up late on my living room floor and with the help of my wife, Jennifer, completed the day’s work. That routine continued for many months. I was passionate about making this work.

Fast forward to present. We have 35 employees, hundreds of clients and we just moved into our beautiful new building.

I am just one of an untold number that has seen firsthand The American Dream.  I love my family, my country and my business.

Plain and simple, Alliance is a success today because of our employees of which I am only one.

Our mission is to be the very best at what we do, to provide services to our clients that are high in quality and reasonable in cost and to do it right the first time, every time.

Thanks for checking us out!

Jeff Chambers, President

“It’s a sad truth of business that the older a receivable is, the less likely it will be paid at all…Its nice to be loved, but its better to get paid.” 10-22-03

Alliance Supports Your Revenue Growth

In a time when uncertainty abounds not only in the medical community but in business as a whole, Alliance provides certainty, transparency, and low risk accounts receivable services that amplify our client’s cash flow while maintaining your good reputation.

Don’t become part of the news cycle as a result of sloppy collection techniques.  Let Alliance protect your well-earned good name AND get paid, by using a company that knows how to approach people the correct way, with respect and dignity.

Award Winning Collections

 Six years in a row; Chosen “Best Places to Work in Collections” by & the Best Companies Group

“Proud members of MGMA, HFMA, & APGA” Better Business Bureau Rated “A+”